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Dog Boarding

Olsen Family Kennels, LLC offers overnight dog boarding when space is available. 


  • 5X10 Kennel = $40.00 per day

  • 5x5 Kennel = $30.00 per day

Drop off or pick up between 9am - 4pm

  • Drop off between 9am - Noon = Full Day

  • Drop off after Noon = Half Day

  • Pick up between 9am - Noon = Half Day

  • Pick up after Noon = Full Day

  • Early Drop off / Late Pick up available  = $20.00 fee

Heated / Cooled Facilities

Ensuring your dog's environment is comfortable

5x5 or 5x10 Kennels

Individual outdoor runs to ensure proper exercise

Multi-Dog Discount

Discounts provided when you have multiple Dogs sharing a kennel

Boarding & Grooming: Services

Dog Grooming

Olsen Family Kennels, LLC can provide basic cleaning / grooming for your dog up to 120 pounds.

Bath & Brush

Adult dogs up to 120lbs

Bath, Blow Dry, Brush and Nail Trim.

Bath & DeShedding

Adult dogs up to 120lbs

Bath w/shed control shampoo and conditioner, Blow Dry, Brushing with Furminator and Nail Trim

Puppy Grooming

Puppies up to 6 months old

Bath, Blow Dry, Brush and Nail Trim.

Boarding & Grooming: Services
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