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Olsen Family Kennels, LLC

As parents of a large family, it only seemed right to add to it with the raising of larger breed dogs.  We live on 5 acres which has been created to provide all of our dog room to run and play.  When people ask about our dogs, we indicate with we have a "puppy farm" where we raise family companions for both adults and children.  We specialize in larger breed dogs such as Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and Weimaraners. However, we also have some smaller and medium breeds such as Shiba Inu and Bassett Hounds for those who do not have as much room.

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About Us

Our Dogs are Our Children

We have been raising dogs for over 10 years and they are part of our farm and family.  Our dogs live happy lives on our 5 acres with plenty of room to run and play.  We are dedicated to providing people with a pet that will become a companion and part of the family.

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