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Puppy Transportation Options

Ideally you will be able to pick up your puppy personally.  However, when that is not available, we can provide the following options for you.

Airline Transport

Puppies 15 pounds and smaller can travel on an airplane in the cabin under the seat.  We would be happy to deliver puppies to the Sioux Falls, SD (FSD) at no additional cost. 

We can provide a pet nanny to fly your puppy to your area (major metropolitan airport).  Additional transport fee applies.

Over the Road Transport

Delivery via over the road transport is available for an additional transport fee.

We will deliver personally up to 200 miles from our location.  The cost is $0.60 per mile round trip with a minimum cost of $100.00.

We can provide a professional shipper to transport a puppy to other locations.  

Transportation Options: Resume
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