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Breeder Philosophy

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All of our dogs and puppies live in environmentally controlled buildings with both heat and air conditioning.  They have ample room to run in large outdoor pens.

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Genetic Testing

We believe that the first thing necessary to provide healthy, happy puppies is to have healthy, happy parents.  Our dogs have all had the appropriate OFA testing based on the breed reduce genetic abnormalities in our puppies.

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Dogs are social creatures and natural pack animals.  We group our dogs in packs of 3 or 4 with one male and multiple females.  This allow natural breeding and allows us to avoid breeding through artificial means.

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Whelping (Puppy Birthing)

We are hands on during puppy birthing.  There have been multiple sleepless nights in with mother during labor and delivery.  We begin handling puppies immediately and provide necessary assistance for mother and puppies as needed.

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Puppy Health

The health of our puppies is very important to us.  We use and recommend Purina ProPlan puppy food.  All of our puppies are vet check between 5 and 6 weeks of age.  Puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks and receive Parvo and Kennel Cough vaccination at 4 weeks with another 5-way vaccination at 8 weeks.

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Customer Selection

Taking home a puppy is a lifelong commitment.  For that reason finding the right fit for the owner and puppy is essential.  We send customers home with all the information and items needed for success.  This includes:  Sales Agreement, Training Information, New Puppy Checklist and Booklet, Breed Specific Information, Health Records, Puppy Food, Blankets, Toys and Chews, Collar and Leash

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Rescue / Rehoming Information

We understand that sometime things happen that may require you to surrender / rehome your dog.  We offer to assist customers in finding new homes for their dogs if the need arises.

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