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Although we have raised weimaraners for many years, we recently purchased additional pups to help keep up with demand.  We are looking forward to additional litters toward the end of 2020.



Female Blue Weimaraner



Female Blue Weimaraner



Female Blue Weimaraner



Male Silver Weimaraner



Male Silver Weimaraner

Weimaraner: Services

Health and Care

Dog Dish.png

Generally, Weimaraners are good eaters. (In fact, they will eat their dinner and then try to eat the bowl.) Owners should feed a highly rated food that has a moderately high protein content. If feeding kibble, some people add water to the dry food. If the dry food is enhanced with canned food or table scraps, be careful not to add too much. Rich food can upset their digestion.


The biggest job in grooming the Weimaraner is keeping the nails short. This is important for the comfort and health of your dog and cannot be overemphasized. When nail length gets out of hand, it’s difficult to get it back to a proper length. (If you can hear a tap-tap-tap when they cross a hardwood floor, the nails are too long.) The short coat should be brushed to remove “dead hair.” Don’t forget to clean the ears clean the ears, since having an ear structure that impedes air-flow makes for the potential of infected ears.

Dog Exercise.png

Weimaraners have high exercise requirements. They need consistent exercise for their physical and mental well being. They love a good run. While walking is OK, stretching their legs and getting “up a full head of steam” is far better. A tired Weimaraner is a good Weimaraner.

Dog Training.png

As one longtime breeder says, “The good news is that Weimaraners are smart; the bad news is that Weimaraners are smart.” They learn quickly, and that includes both good and bad behaviors. Get to a training class and be consistent with your training methods. Weimaraners operate on the principle of “What’s in it for me?” Be creative in your training by making what you want what they want. Early socialization and puppy training are vital and help to ensure that the Weimaraner grows into a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion.

Weimaraner: Testimonials
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